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Advanced Reporting Parameter Input

Question asked by mtognetti on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by mtognetti

I am experiencing an issue in our Test environment that does not appear to happen with the same report in our Prodcuction environment.  The issue is that I have uploaded a report to the Jaspersoft Server and when accessed through Advanced Reporting, the parameter input is a floating window and not anchored to the left edge (where I see it in the same report in Production).  I did not create the original customer jasper report but I am working on it for an upgrade of functionality.   Additionally, I am not able to populate the list parameters.


I have attached a picture of what I see.  I am hoping that I have not set, or changed a simple option within the Jaspersoft Studio environment and that this is easily corrected. 


Thank you in advance for your guidance.


Michael. Tognetti