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Federated AAA or Back-end API Key provisioning?

Question asked by lucasjmalson on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by JohnStreeter

We're using Agile Central SaaS and are seeking an ideal way of enabling federated authentication with your OAuth Server. We are looking to make API requests on behalf of users. So far it seems that you do not support a Bearer Assertion Flow or any equivalent mechanism to integrate with our existent SSO infrastructure. If you are aware of any such possibilities, please let me know. 


Assuming you don't support federated identity integrations, it seems we have to make our users go through more AAA hoops either using API Keys or a dummy machine account. We need our operations to be specifically authorized based on a user's privileges, so the dummy machine account option is not amenable. Which leads us down the API key path.


We would like to save our users the pain of having to get API Keys. Is there a way to gather a Rally API key via your API's (or a similar back-end method)? Does the process of provisioning an API key absolutely require UI involvement?


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