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Share collaboration tab between 2 projects on different partitions

Question asked by DanielNaranjo on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by lakse01

Is possible to share collaboration tab betwwen 2 projects created on different partitions? Just to have one common repository between both projects.


For example we have partitions A and B. We create project Example1 on partition A and we create project Example2 on partition B. This process create collaboration tab on each project. On our customer usually they have this situation but they need just one documents repository to both projects. This is because the partition A of our customer was developed when they acquired CA PPM, for a commercial area buth now we developed a second configuration to operational area of the same company on partition B. When the commercial area create a project A on its partition, they have different attributes than those one that we configurate on the operational partition (B); however, they need that those projects share the collaboration tab because they wanted that the information is located on the same place to ease the team on any of both projects consult any document that they may require.


If its possible, what would imply to be done?