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How to create direct URL links to offerings in different BUs

Question asked by milan.ziga on Aug 11, 2017
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There are two business units in our Service Catalog, for example, "A" and "B". Each user in ServiceDesk department has role "Request Manager" in the both business units. We want to allow all users from ServiceDesk department to access offerings in Service Catalog by direct URL. For example "https://myserver:8080/usm/wpf?Node=icguinode.catalogitemdetails&Args=10605&ObjectID=10605&NspPath=" is direct URL to the one offering in "A" business unit. If the user has business unit "A" as his/her default business unit then the link works correctly, but when his/her default business unit is "B" then the link does not work with the "Access denied" error.
Is it possible to add to the URL link the information about the correct business unit where the offering exists and let Service Catalog automatically switch the user to the correct business unit?

Can anybody help?