Chat Transcript - CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (August 2017)

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Miss the August PPM Office Hours - Online Chat? Check out what you missed below and be sure to join us in September for the next session!


Mark Faubion to Everyone: Good afternoon, all
bharati to Everyone: Hi Is there a way to export Resource management data in the new UI(15.2)?
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - We'll be starting in just a few minutes.
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - We'll be starting in just a couple minutes.
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK let's go ahead and get started. Ready for questions!
Art Vendryes to Everyone: good afternoon
Art Vendryes to Everyone: Is there any documentation on how to make changes to the CA PPM login screen? For instance adding a message under the credential boxes
bharati to Everyone: Hi Is there a way to export Resource management data in the new UI(15.2)? if not, is it coming in near future?
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - Please remember to join us for the CA PPM Community Webcast - Plan, Prioritize and Track: Power of portfolio management – August 17th 11:00am ET
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Art, let me see if I can find it
Maria Whiteside (CA) to Everyone: @Bharati, Unfortunately, there is not a way to export Resource Management data from the new UI. It is currently not planned to be coming in the near future either.
bharati to Everyone: where can I see CA PPM roadmap?
bharati to Everyone: thanks for the previous response.
Julie Whitney to Everyone: how does a PM show the critical path using PPM Gantt view?
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Bharati, there are some roadmap reports in 15.2
Art Vendryes to Everyone: I saw an idea that was posted about an admin function to be able to change group (auto) access rights. Is this something that is coming?
Julie Whitney to Everyone: Where could I find PPM documentation explaining this -- as DocOps only returns OWB references to critical path; Our organization of using OWB
Julie Whitney to Everyone: Clarify - Our organization does not ever intend to use OWB
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Julie, are you talking about Clarity itself, vs OWB?
Julie Whitney to Everyone: Yes.
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @Art Here's a link to documentation on how to change the login page:
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: (See 'Custom UI Theme Login Page' section
Maria Whiteside (CA) to Everyone: @Julie, Tasks that are part of the Critical Path are denoted by one of the indicators listed in the Gantt Chart Legend documentation. Is this what you are looking for?
Alberta Patterson to Everyone: Hello! May I aks a question regarding enhancements submitted in the Community? @Alberta
Art Vendryes to Everyone: @Kristin, thank you
Alberta Patterson to Everyone: ask / aks @Alberta
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Art, I do not see the idea being worked in the near future
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @Alberta, sure what's the question?
bharati to Everyone: why does new Resource Management "Requests" section of UI shows all roles even though they were never requested by anyone?
Alberta Patterson to Everyone: @Alberta, I have an enhancement with 93 views, 0 comments. What is the criteria for consideration?
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Alberta, Is that views or votes?
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Alberta, our Product Management team reviews the top voted ideas for possible enhancements
Julie Whitney to Everyone: @Maria, yes this document helps to show the symbol for a critical path task on the gantt view.
Alberta Patterson to Everyone: @Alberta, 5 votes, 93 views
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @Alberta, the enhancements with the highest # of votes are the ones that product management reviews. You can encouage others to vote on it though.
Julie Whitney to Everyone: Our PM added "critical" field to the gantt chart view, autoscheduled, and the critical field zeroed out once published. Not what was expected. What does the "critical" field show?
Alberta Patterson to Everyone: @Alberta, Thank you
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: @Alberta - Some members bring visibility to their Ideas by creating a Discussion to highlight their Idea with a link to it
Art Vendryes to Everyone: In a prior version there was a proxy function for admins to create temporary timesheet approval proxiies. Will that be brought back in a future version?
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @bharati It looks likes this may have been improved as of 15.3. I did a quick check there and it only shows requested roles versus 15.2 where it shows all roles.
Maria Whiteside (CA) to Everyone: @Julie, The critical path is determined by the application when you autoschedule. We had an old defect for the Critical Patch field being editable by users in the PPM UI, but it was determined that it would be one that would not be fixed due to its low severity. I know it creates confusion with the users though.
Julie Whitney to Everyone: will PPM Scheduling function (i.e. the Task List View and the Gantt Chart view) be improved -- i.e. merged to create a better user experience?
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @Art, the one option to have a timesheet proxy would be if you set up a timesheet aproval process. (See KB:
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @Art Since the current proxy in the system is for action items, if you set up a process that uses action items that would send the approval to the proxy.
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Julie, We are working on enhancing the new UX which will make for better user experiences across the whole product.
Art Vendryes to Everyone: @Kristin I will check out the documentation. I do remember beign able to set the proxy for specific time periods
Julie Whitney to Everyone: @Kristin, the link provides a page not found error.
Pablo Cuomo to Everyone: Helo!!
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @ Julie, sorry, here's the updated link:
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Anymore questions folks?
Art Vendryes to Everyone: None from me at the moment
Pablo Cuomo to Everyone: Yes, any chance to view in ppm gantt, the baseline and the current schedule?
Pablo Cuomo to Everyone: its possible?
Julie Whitney to Everyone: @Liz, where would I find an explanation of the financial statuses and how the system handles each status?
bharati to Everyone: when we will be able to customize the new UI for Resource Management and/or Project Management?
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Julie, let me find it
Maria Whiteside (CA) to Everyone: @Pablo, you can add these current task dates and baseline dates as columns in the PPM Gantt. However, you can't add a baseline gantt bar to represent the baselined task duration.
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Julie,
Pablo Cuomo to Everyone: @Maria, great, thats a workarround!!
Julie Whitney to Everyone: @Liz, will timesheet posted effort hours still post if the investment financial status is set to either hold or closed?
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Julie,
Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: The timesheet will post and you will see the hours on the assignment, but they will not go through to WIP or show on the cost plan actuals
Kristin Schroer to Everyone: @bharati, so far there aren't any noted plans I'm aware of to improve customization. There's just the existing ability to configure the Resource Settings such as Time Period and Allocation Threshold
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK everyone we're finishing up the last questions. We'll go ahead and end for today. Please join us back here in September and thank you for participating!
Art Vendryes to Everyone: thank you
Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Thanks again everyone!
bharati to Everyone: thanks guys!