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Export QnA data from PPM to IdM

Question asked by Chris_Ryan_Thomas on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Suman Pramanik

Hello PPM Community,


My thought is perhaps this has come up before and someone could help advise me further on this integration question. Within the enterprise I'm working on, end users are required to use PPM to log their time, but to gain access to the system they needed to fill out their QnA for password self service. I'm assuming this data is stored in CA directory, encrypted, my question is it possible to export this data and import it into CA directory DSA used with CA IdM so that end-users can finally utilize password self-service effectively?


More info on CA IdM question here: 


Thanks in advance, they're all CA products and both using ca directory, perhaps the encryption is the same and it's easy to reutilize the QnA and not nag our end users to fill out two sets of the same security questions, should they forget their password or get locked out.





P.S. if this isn't the correct area to ask an integration question like this, please redirect me to the appropriate place, thanks!