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How to use Organizer - Task

Question asked by roland.parrotte Champion on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by roland.parrotte

In Clarity from Home - Personal - Organizer - there is a separate Tab for Tasks.


My understanding:

The user can filter by Project to show Task Items which they have been assigned to

The user can update data on the Task including Start/Finish date and ETC

The Start/Finish Date when updated automatically updates the Resource Allocation, and if required, the Task Start/Finish Date

The ETC when updated, updates the Pending ETC

The Pending ETC can then be viewed on the Pending Estimates Review

Open Workbench has the ability to 'accept' Pending Estimates - I don't know what this does to the Project Schedule


  • Is anyone using Personal - Organizer?  Can you share your experience?
  • How does the PM review and update the Pending ETC?
  • We are using MSP Interface, where some Tasks have been updated with Pending ETC, and we can't work out why?  Is anyone else using MSP Interface?
  • How are PM's notified when a Task date is pushed out as a result of Organizer - Task?


There is a sections of the organization wanting to use this facility, but we can't locate documentation on the functionality.