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Email notification to users manager

Question asked by kalwani on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by mulan04

I want to send email notifications to the users manager for breakglass. Email notifications are being received to a static email hard coded for now. This is for breakglass check out event

Step 1. I configured the manager attribute in the environment using the below steps

To configure the USER_MANAGER notification rule:

  1. In the CA Identity Manager Management Console, select CA Identity Manager Environments. Then, select the environment for which you are configuring email notification.
  2. Select Advanced Settings>Miscellaneous Properties.
  3. In the Miscellaneous Properties page, complete the configuration steps for the lookup option that you want to use:
    • To use the managerattribute=<Manager AttributeName> lookup option:
      1. In the Property field, enter managerattribute.
      2. In the Value field, enter the attribute that stores the manager’s DN or user ID.
      3. Click Add.
      4. Click Save.


Step 2. I use the same below. I get an email to abc and xyz but not to the manager


_to = "" + ',' +

           _util.getNotifiers("USER_MANAGER","ManagerLookup=managerattribute") + ',' +

"" ;


When I try to print the manager it is blank.

The user and manager are configured in AD and I can retrieve it in ENTM GUI. Could you suggest what I am missing?

Is there a way I can use the other account attributes like custom 1-10. I don't see how to retrieve them?