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Error after updating Cert in one DSA

Discussion created by Hubert Dennis Employee on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by SatyendraSingh1

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Error Snippet.

ssld_ssl_request failed
[WARN : TLS/SSL handshake failed for call from 'ipaddres'
WARN : MW-DISP not in sync for 'dsaname'


SatyendraSingh1 could I request you to action the following....

[1] Paste all the logs lines from console output.

[2] Paste the lines from ALARM logs.

[3] Paste the lines from TRACE logs.


As per SatyendraSingh1 there were multiple DSA's in replication. One of the DSA's certs expired and hence it was renewed. Post Renewal there was a Certificate Chain error logged. That was possibily fixed by adding the RootCA (a different RootCA signed the new certificate & new RootCA was not imported). Now we are getting the error as per the snippet above.