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Unable to call Stored Procedure via Perform JDBC Query Assertion

Question asked by jeff.nibler on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by PhBrand

Running GW 9.2. I have an additional database I created on the GW's existing MySQL instance. I have a stored procedure in MySQL. It takes 5 input parameters. No output parameters. When I SSH into the GW and go into MySQL, I can call the stored procedure successfully. Whenever I try to call it in the GW, I get the error: "Query testing failed: Bad SQL Grammar: Function/Procedure does not exist or incorrect number of arguments for CheckAccess; expected 0 got 5." Then it goes on to show me the query that was generated, and the query looks perfect. I copy paste that same query into MySQL at the command line directly on the GW and it works perfectly. 


This is what I have in the perform JDBC SQL Query Textbox:

CALL CheckAccess 'https', '', 8443, '/HelloWorld', ''


I've tried it with parenthesis as well - still doesn't work.

CALL CheckAccess ('https', 'xx***', 8443, '/HelloWorld', '')


I have verified that I'm using the correct JDBC connection to my custom DB. 


I SSH into the GW, then at the command line I perform the following (note that I go into mysql command line as the exact same user that I have configured in my JDBC Connection):

mysql --user=TheUsernameInMyJdbcConnection --password TheDBNameInMyJdbcConnection

CALL CheckAccess ('https', 'xx***', 8443, '/HelloWorld', '');


I get a successful response at the command line. 


I am not using context variables for the values shown in the above calls (yet). I need to get it working with literals first. 


I do not have the "convert variables to strings" checkbox checked, if it matters.