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Reverse and Compare Transaction values with previous values in GEL

Question asked by Thenmozhi_Clarity on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by lakse01

Hi All,


I am using on demand portal. Actuals are coming from third party tool by using interface.

We have created one custom object to store the values which we are getting from interface

Actuals are posting by using transaction XOG IN. The actuals which are received from third party may change by day by day and month by month.


So, I need to check the values of previous and current , if the current values are greater than the previous, the i should xog in the difference in gel script.


For Example:


1.Previous value is 600 and current value is 650 , then i need to post= 50 (650-600)

2.If Previous value is 650 and current is 600, then i need to post = -50(650-600)


Could some one help me on this to have this conditions in GEL script.


Please advise.