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AHD03025:Attempt to modify non_CO value

Question asked by walxarus on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Michael Mueller

Hi, Thanks to all, I want to assign the change order affected_contact in the first task on change order, for this I created the action macro and configured in the pending behavior.


the action macro code is



send_wait(1, this, "call_attr", "assignee", "set_val", chg.assignee, "SURE_SET");
object gl;
gl = msg[0];
if (msg_error())
logf(ERROR, "Imposible asignar el usuario,error: %s", msg[0]);

But I have the next error.

AHD03025:Attempt to modify non_CO value


chg.assigne is a test and does not work chg.affected_contact does not work


Any Idea, thanks!