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Out of Box Active Request Aging Report Not Running

Question asked by Balram90 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by SteveTroy

Hi Team,


I have setup CABI Jaspersoft r6.2 with CA SDM 17.0. Whenever I create a user under servicemanagement organization with out of box role Role_User and trying to run out of box Active Request Aging report. It is not showing output and keeps on loading it. It is not showing any error either. Although other out of box reports like Active Incidents/Active Incidents Aging etc are running fine.



Even after explicitly setting the permission of the user to Administer for the Active Request Aging report only, it is not able to run that report.


Can anyone confirm whether same issue is occurring in their environment as well? Is it a known bug?


Note: With superuser, I am able to run the Active Request Aging report successfully.


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