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NSQL - Filter by OBS in a porlet

Question asked by Patricio_1979 on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Patricio_1979

Hello, I contact with the community because I need to include in my sql query an OBS filter.
We have defined a OBS that contain the organizational structure. The name of this field, in project's objetc is "OBS Ejecucion", and this field use the browse " OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ". I need to filter for one of this structure.

The query in SQL looks like this:


Select COUNT(*) AS CANTIDAD, lookup.NAME as Tipo

from niku.INV_INVESTMENTS as inv
inner join niku.ODF_CA_INV as ca on inv.ID=ca.ID
inner join niku.ODF_CA_PROJECT as prj on inv.ID=prj.ID
inner join niku.CMN_LOOKUPS_V as lookup on obj_request_type=lookup.LOOKUP_CODE

where inv.IS_ACTIVE=1
and (obj_request_type = 'type100' or obj_request_type = 'type200' or obj_request_type = 'type300') --Oro / Plata / Bonce--
and (osde_res_sol_cc = '01') -- Alta Aprobada

and (HOW TO FILTER BY OBS)????? = '' /OSDE Binario/Dirección de Procesos y Sistemas/Gerencia de Soluciones de Negocio"

group by lookup.NAME


Anyone can help me with this query?