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[SSO] Encoding TARGET

Question asked by lu.hu02 Employee on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by figga01



When I set the TARGET=http://sso.acme.vm/index.html then it redirects to http://sso.acme.vm/index.html which is expected.


When I set the TARGET=http://dev-sso.acme.vm/index.html then it redirects to http://devsso.acme.vm/index.html. The dash '-' is missing in the FQDN.


When I set the TARGET=http://dev--sso.acme.vm/index.html (double dash) then it redirects to http://dev-sso.acme.vm/index.html (single dash). 


If i follow this thread: How the SiteMinder Webagent encode & decode URLs  it doesn't say anything about single dashes being removed.


This if for LEGACY encoding=false.


How should it be encoded properly?