Two-phase commit : experiences, guidelines, ... ?

Discussion created by frank_vanderveken on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Steve-Rundle

In favour of  our CICS-applications accessing IDMS and MQ, we want to set up two-phase commit.

Does anyone has done this in the past, and is willing to share some experiences and guidelines ?


The topics I'm curious about are :

  • what are the "things" to think about ?
  • which are the CICSOPT settings used
  • Do I have to change both CICSOPT and IDMSCINT settings
  • do you need different CICS interfaces within the CICS region, when both two-phase commit and non-two-phase commit applications run in this region
  • what about the resynchronization transaction, is this mandatory ?
  • what todo in case of a failed two-phase commit
  • ....


Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Frank.