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UIM Probes Randomly Stop Collecting on Different Robots anyone ever seen this?

Question asked by rtirak on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Johncsi

So we have something very strange/odd occurring. All of a sudden after some Microsoft patches on the UIM servers last month we started noticing robots (Linux and Windows) have probes on them that stopped collecting. But its never the same probes on the different robots. So Sometimes one robot the CDM probe seems to have stopped collecting on another robot the processes probe stopped collecting but the CDM probe is collecting etc.. etc..


Also dragging and dropping the probe back onto the robot over top of the existing probe/robot does not change anything however if I go to one of the robots for example the robot that the CDM probe is not collecting and go into the probe config and turn on a new metric that has never been collected that metric will start collecting but the metrics that have been being collected which have stopped after the patches still wont collect.


So I am open for any suggestions, I have a case open and we have been working on it however we have not found the culprate yet so I figuered I would post it out here as well in case anyone has any input. At this point im ready to try anything?