CA PPM in International Use -- What are your top issues?

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Have a possible opportunity to present to Michigan CA PPM User Group (MiCUG) with CA personnel present, on the topic of using CA PPM in an international company.  Purpose of the session is to educate audience on issues with using CA PPM in such an environment, understand how audience members, if any, have approached or solved such issues, collect/create ideas and gather support for voting on the ideas.


If interested in getting your international use issue on the agenda, please let me know what your issue is and if/how you've addressed it, so far.  If you have an idea, comment or other discussion already started on this subject in the CA PPM community site, please provide a link to your topic. 


Here's a couple to get started:


- Story 01:  Project managers and their financial controllers, would like to plan costs in their local currency, and then link projects in common hierarchy structure.  For example:  System project is planned out of Germany, and has a child component project run out of US and software project run out of India.  CA PPM (through 15.2) doesn't allow one to connect projects from different Entities into a common hierarchy.  What we do:  Today, we have single Entity/Currency and planning is done in local currency, offline in separate tools.


- Story 02:  Our country of ownership has changed, causing a change in base planning/reporting currency - need to change from currency A to currency B, without replacing all our in flight projects.  What we do:  Wait - haven't been asked yet to convert currency.  When asked, expect that we will create new Entity on new currency - close projects in early stages and recreate in new entity - perhaps with a bi-directional link between them, such that we may also use in reports to combine data (spent on original project + spend on new project, with a necessary currency conversion...); remaining projects, may let run to closure.


- Story 03:  Since our ownership has changed, so have our Fiscal Time periods.  Fiscal time periods are entity based and unchangeable once cost plans are created against them.  Also, company only commits to fiscal dates one year ahead of current year, while most of our projects are multi-year.  What we do:  We don't use the feature as intended, only entering Gregorian month start/end dates for Fiscal periods.


Please, add your workarounds to the above stories, add your own stories and provide related links if you have them.


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