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Devtest - Polling a Folder/Constantly Reading Folder POC

Question asked by paul.yeung on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by mohit.kaushik

Hi All,


I've been asked to look into a Proof of Concept into whether we can use DevTest to make a virtual service that constantly polls/checks a folder and reads files that are suddenly dropped in. I'm aware this is very different from the normal services and use of Devtest where we have a listener receive requests and then return a response.


The ultimate goal is to be able to read from a Receiving/Drop-off folder, process data or make alterations, and place files into a different folder. I would just like to know so far if the first part is possible, where instead of a web service listener, we can constantly poll a folder and read upon detecting new files dropped in (or any changes in general).


Has anybody tried anything like this or know any possible useful features I can try?