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Virtual service via Copybook

Question asked by Konfu on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by SaiPriyankaKoduru

For a proof of concept in my company I'm trying to create a virtual service based upon a copybook and request/response files via MQ transport protocol.


From the documentation I see that to accomplish this I need the copybook, req/rsp files and a payload mapping file.

I have received the copybook and req/rsp files from the project team, but unfortunately they do not know/used a payload mapping file and are unable to provide me this.


I have contacted CA Support to see whether it is possible to create a virtual service without this mapping file, but the feedback I received was that this is not the case.


In the meantime I have been experimenting to create my own mapping file, but so far without succes (I'm not a mainframe/copybook expert).


Whenever I'm running the wizard to create the virtual service (adding the copybook data handler), I'm getting a copybook parser error "java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to parse C:\UserTemp\CA\SV\POC\Data\Copybook\cpb-req.txt" without any further info.


Can someone on the community have a look at my copybook and mapping file to see what I'm doing wroing?

I'm really stuck here and the POC we are doing is actually to proof that DevTest is able to do it.


PS: I have included the files in the