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Javelin - Use Published Data as variables N times

Question asked by LinoHerrera on Aug 23, 2017
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Hi guys. 

Question. I'm able to pass values through the Published Data in Datamaker to the Javelin flow as an Action.

But is it possible to execute the javelin flow several times using more than 1 row? what if I have N published rows in the table? How could I take each of the rows and execute N times the javelin process?


In the example from the documentation, it describes that using a number for "Maximum records to use" it will take random records, but I need to be sure that the process is taking the N records exactly. Also it is saying that it needs to be a number (constant), what if I don't know the exact number of published rows?


Javelin action, Maximum Records to Use:

When using a script or published data, the number of records to use are set. For example, if “Maximum record to use” is 3, three random records are selected from the data and the Javelin Program is executed three times using this data.




Thanks a lot for your help


Lino Herrera