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SPS + POLICY SERVER on same linux OS

Question asked by Anireddy on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Anireddy

Hi All,


I installed SPS and Policy server in same linux OS for testing purpose. Both SPS and policy server are installed using two different User ID.


Now hear i have couple of questions.

  1. Will there be any problem between SPS and Policy server.
      (ENV variables are set under their respective USER ID's).Are there any other thing to take under consideration.?
  2. Am setting before starting apache and tomcat (SPS) using sps-ctl. Is this the correct way to stop/start the process?
  3. Is SPS dependent on CA Risk-minder service installed along with Policy server (aas "arrfserver"). If yes, Can someone please tell what is the major dependency.
    (AS per installation doc it says to verify that the arrfserver process is running.)