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In which time slice are the allocations for roles kept

Question asked by Ashwin.Kumar_Xerox.Com on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Ashwin.Kumar_Xerox.Com

I have a need to report about the demand by role on Ideas and projects. In the case of the Ideas its Team tab is for the most part populated with roles within our organization. While running a SQL query against the PRJ_BLB_Slices for Daily allocations, I noticed that it holds the daily allocations just for named resources and not for roles..


  1. So is there there is a specific time slice for roles or is it in the same slice as that of named resources. The PRID column of the PRTeam table is what I used to query the PRJ_BLB_Slices and got only the rows for named resources on the team.
  2. If the allocation of Roles are kept in a different slice then what is the name of the Slice Request and what ID does one use to query this slice