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Seeking Best Practice Tips on Creating Temporal Test Data for Rally Apps

Question asked by miguelfuerte on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by miguelfuerte

So when someone developed the Cumulative Flow Diagram app, they could have either run it against a lot of real data in their company's projects, or they could have crafted their own test data.  


If someone has no history of existing data to use and has to create their own, they would have to either ...

  1. Have the ability to forge time stamps for events on items, or ...
  2. They'd have to wait days to create and change stories, tasks, and defects to show them coming and going within an iteration, growing in size, shrinking in size, having their fields or state altered in various ways, being changed into other types, etc.


I am starting from scratch, and everything I am doing is focused on the temporal aspects of objects and how they have changed and in what ways they changed over time.  


Clearly, I'd prefer to craft test features, stories, tasks, and defects and add contrived events for them with the time stamps I choose.  I want to create the illusion that things happened in various ways at various times during the life of an iteration or release.


Another approach would be to make an iteration 1 day long and just try to create all the test data on that day and just start testing the next day.  


Any thoughts, advice, coaching on the esoteric topic of the best way to create temporally relevant test data for a Rally App?


Thanks, in advance, community.