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Upgrade to 15.2 ... Precheck Questions

Question asked by mtognetti on Aug 24, 2017
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We are beginning our process to upgrade from CA PPM 14.3 to 15.2.  With the current implementation team this is our first major upgrade and we do not have a history or people to fall back to for questions that we have.


In reviewing the Check Install program logs we have seen the following:


check-db-customization.xml – WARNING --  Possible schema customization(s) have been found. Any customization to the system is the responsibility of the customer to maintain and are not supported by CA Technologies. To upgrade successfully, all customizations must be reviewed, changed or removed as needed before the upgrade. After a successful upgrade the customizations may be added back to the system. The possible customizations found are listed in file check-logs/database_customization_triggers.txt, check-logs/database_customization_indexes.txt, check-logs/database_customization_tables.txt and check-logs/database_customization_constraints.txt. Customizations of any type are not supported by CA Technologies.


In particular here we are wondering if we absolutely should delete custom DB elements.  We only have a relative few (<10).  We have a trigger, some views, etc.  From your experience, is it best to remove and script these back in, if needed, in the future version?


check-active-processes.xml – WARNING – Run  Delete Process Instance job before upgrade to resolve potential performance issues. Please see following CA support KB article for more information:


The link provided does not appear to work.  We tried searching for the docid; results did not seem to cover the topic.  We can run the Delete Process Instance Job and clear this (assumed).  However, we would really like to better understand what the issue is here so that we can document this for future upgrades.


check-duplicate-filters.xml – WARNING – Duplicate  fields were created for few filter portlets. Please see following CA support KB article for solution:


No answer requested.  We can/have reviewed the website listed and will work through this.


check-bo-removal.xml – WARNING – Business Objects is no longer supported as a Reporting Server with CA PPM. For more information refer CA PPM Installation Guide and Change Impact and Upgrade guide.


check-custom-interactive-portlets.xml – WARNING - Any custom interactive portlets functionality which require Business Objects will no longer function. Such portlets are listed in the file d:\temp\checkinstall\check-logs\custom_portlets_with_bo_params.txt.


Through review of the xml, we see where this is within PPM and can see that these are BO links.  Our Business analyst will be evaluating and we will remove/rebuild as needed.  What is the worst that will happen if we leave these objects in place?  Will it be that they no longer work?  Something worse?  What is your recommendation based on experience?


We greatly appreciate any guidance on the above items you can provide to us.  As I mentioned, we will be documenting this process so that future operations team members, Business Analysts, and developers have a better understanding of the path we took during this upgrade process.


 Thank you in advance for your input and sharing your experience with us.


Michael Tognetti