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TeamCenter - imported Attribute Rules

Question asked by bwcole on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Guenter_Grossberger

During one of the presentations at CA World '15, I saw someone had a plugin that read a file in order to decorate team center nodes.


I've got a quite a few attribute rules and they are becoming very unmanageable.  From new hosts popping up and having to do research on what it is and which of the attributes should be applied to the node.


I'm looking for a script, shell script, plugin that will read in a comma delimited file





Or even a file specifically named by the "Existing Attribute Name", hostname that would translate into






That way, I can ask the various host, application server admins for an file that has this information in it instead of having to hunt down the host owner, then manually locate the host in TC and create a new attribute rule for each host.


Thank you,