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Intelligent Disk Space Alerting

Question asked by ankur_arora on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Garin



We would like to do disk space alerting based on the size of a disk. I noticed cdm probe can now collect disk size which is great. How can we use that information so that we can apply different thresholds for different disk size in an automated manner (possibly using MCS)?


For disk size: 

  • 0-100 GB -> 15% free threshold
  • 100-500 GB -> 10% free threshold
  • >500 GB -> 5% free threshold


The reason we need this is because 5% free on 50 GB disk is much different than 5% free on 2 TB disk. So, the existing options of using either % or MB free will not work. We need to use some combination of multiple metrics like disk size and disk free to do effective disk monitoring.


Let me know if anyone has any idea or done something similar.