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Returning Data from Application Test Script

Question asked by Jason_J on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Jason_J

Is it possible to return data from an application test script execution?



- Our script is called via Lisa-Invoke to run a test scenario

- The script completes and has some results from the run (data generated during the run) to return to the caller

- More specifically, the output of some automated scripts is test data creation from calling web APIs we're testing. The request is to share this output to other tools/people so that the data can easily be consumed, e.g.:


[Selenium UI Tests call] -> [Lisa-Invoke AppTest Script] -> [AppTest Script Completes] -> [Output returned to Selenium Test]


One Lisa-Invoke param we use is StartTime that gets written to a MongoDB in a results collection, so the caller can generate this unique key and lookup results later itself, but it'd be great if the script could return something directly.