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Service Catalog - Adding a note after request is completed - possible to deactivate?

Question asked by KarolinAlbinsson on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by KarolinAlbinsson

Hi all. 


I have a question about the notes function in Service Catalog 14.1. 


This is a nice feature for active requests, however, I'm curious if it's possible to deactivate the function for requests that are finished. (Status 2)


A note that is added to a finished request linked to a ticket in SDM (Where notes and attachments are synchronized) won't be of much use to the analysts working in SDM, when the request and the ticket is closed, as we see it. 


I tried to change some settings in the Catalog configuration, "Edit finished/completed requests" and set it to "No", but this setting does not seem to apply to attachments and notes. 


Is there a way to control this?