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Help with pdm_extract and spel macro

Question asked by TheKatherine on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by SHAWN WALSH

I have a custom SPEL code (macro) that was created and copied from an older version of SDM to our current environment (v14.1.3) which I need to change due to it causing errors and not being correct anymore. I am unable to modify the code via the application. 


I want to use the command (pdm_extract) to extract the code to a file, make my code changes and then upload the information back into the system, however when I try this the file is empty. I know the data exists as I can see it in the db (see image below)


run the query against my db to be sure the macro exists



text file created from pdm_extract command is empty (0 KB)




Current Macro:

zgroup_manager = (uuid)expand(format("&{%s=cnt.persistent_id->id}",misc::find_mang(group)));


Change Macro to this:

zgroup_manager = group.supervisor_contact_uuid;


Command I am using (running as administrator on my background and application servers):

pdm_extract -f "SELECT id, persid, del, sym, ob_type, type, fragment, lock_object FROM splmac WHERE id=500216" > c:\shzmgr.txt





Any help would be appreciated.