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How to pass SDM ticket numbers in an Event Rule Action to PAM?

Question asked by Brett_Zipkin on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Brett_Zipkin

We are setting up a PAM Process to trigger from Catalog when the option status changes in a given way.  To minimize the number of steps that PAM has to take, we want to pass in the associated ticket number and handle from the Service Option that is triggering the action.


We don't see the fields available to pass into the SRF that we built for it.  I know that it's saved because I can see the data in the usm_link_ticket_request_item table.  That table links request_id and request_item_id to the SDM ticket that was associated to it.  And it gives me both the ref_num and the persid of said ticket.  That's exactly what I want to send into the SRF but how?


I know I can have PAM do a DB query to get it or a web service call to get it but that seems unnecessary since the macro is already being triggered by the option that it's tied to.  How would I go about passing that in?


We are currently using 14.1 CP4


Bonus question:   Since the trigger is based on the change of status, I would also like to pass in the userid of the individual that changed the status for use in the process. Again, I know I could have PAM go get it but it seems like an unnecessary extra step.