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TDM 4.2 - Publishing Multiple records - Iteration Function

Question asked by ashima.tulsiani on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by dovle01

After the recent upgrade to version 4.2, when I tried publishing multiple records to an SQL file with the repeat publish setting there seems to be an issue. So I had selected this option to be prompted when duplicates appear.

I had used the Iteration function in the data pool which seems to be working fine but still I had got lot of duplicates for which I got the prompted function and only 1 row got inserted to the SQL file.


It seems that the Iteration function is always a repeat value. The same you can see in a data pool when using preview function. In the v4.0 Iteration was always 1 and now it is a last repeat value. This is a reason why we get our unique key values as duplicates when at the first round it is a repeat value and getting unique values from DB and at next rounds it is same.


Is this working as expected or do I  need to make any change here to have the multiple rows published.