Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Value Lenght Limit for a Reponse Header

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Aug 31, 2017



I want to know the value limit length that is set on the response header.
I've configured a response which content seems to exceed a limit as the Policy Server reports :




[SmAuthUser.cpp:659][Enter function GetDsUserProp][GetDsUserProp]
[SmAuthUser.cpp:681][WARNING: Response attribute will be trimmed. [attr = memberof] [actual attr len = 12435] [ response attr len = 8191]][GetDsUserProp]
[SmAuthUser.cpp:687][Leave function GetDsUserProp][GetDsUserProp]

So the response value get trimmed to 8191. Is there a length limit to the Response Header value ?




The current limit of a Response Header value is set to 8192 bytes or characters


KB : TEC1869457