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Tasks in Gantt Chart

Question asked by DOUGLAS.MONTEIRO-RCHLO on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by DOUGLAS.MONTEIRO-RCHLO

Hello guys,


I'm using CA PPM version 14.3 and in my company, we have some users that manages projects and uses the Gantt Bar.


Actually, we don't use the timesheet module. So, all projects have the track mode set to none. The problem is:

For PMs that uses MS-Project to plan and manage the project. When they update the % of done, tasks that have hours and resources, the time is registred. For the anothers, when we try to update the % in Gantt that have resources and hours, the task still open and EPT too.


What i can do in this case? Any ideas?

The option i found is to not assign resource in the tasks and only put the % of allocation in team tab.