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Role Source What If Analysis

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by am1

  We're working with a customer on a Portfolio for budgeting & what-if analysis purposes. All investments are Ideas and scoped with Roles. It's possible some of the Roles can be staffed internally, it's possible some can be staffed with consultants resulting in much different costs. 


   The customer is curious about these trade offs and asked if PPM Portfolios could do what-if analysis between these internally sourced and externally sourced Roles. I can easily create the Roles and add 'em as appropriate to the Matrix. I can probably create two different cost plans per idea with the different Roles. Is there any way to do 'what-if' analysis in Portfolios on these different cost plans/Roles? If not Portfolios, how have others approached & delivered a solution for this business problem to solve?