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Task Report from different scrum teams for specific set of owners

Question asked by Mayuresh.Athalekar on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Michael Bulkeley

Here is a case where i need some suggestions


Here is a problem statement:

I have a shared DBA team and 1 member each are dedicated for scrum teams. They create DB task for user stories which they own needed for completing the User stories implementation. we operate with Release (4 quarter release) / Milestone (1 or more release marked as milestone) format.


Issue :

when it comes to milestone release, DBA team needs a consolidated report of all the task which are added for specific milestones in user stories for packaging. CA doesnt seems to have this capability. They want a list of it and not ticket format.


Here's what i tried :

1. Goto task and create a report with custom query with all tasks by OWNER. I can use "OR" function but can not combine with Milestone as the query / condition doesnt work.

2. Tried Work views, it doesnt fetch "Tasks" under a specific user story. The user story owner & task owner are different. The work view doesnt have this capability


Any leads ?




Mayuresh Athalekar