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One additional user for the free plan? (Student use?)

Question asked by Joseu on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Conny Postma

I'm studying software engineering at a university and one of the final mandatory courses is a software engineering project for a real client which for our team happens to be the university itself. These projects are usually done in teams of 2-4 people but due to some internal bureaucracy our team ended up with a total of 6 people. Unfortunately this puts us just over the limit of 5 people on the Flowdock free plan. We would love to use Flowdock as our primary communication platform due to the excellent integrations it offers (plus the teachers recommended the platform because it is free for small teams) but we simply cannot exclude one member from the flow.


Although we will be working on this project for educational purposes and only receive ECTS credits as compensation, the university itself does indirectly benefit commercially from the final product. However the software we will be working on is not a commercial product that is available for sale. Does this still count as valid student usage? Is it possible for CA to increase the number of user slots to 6 for the flow I've created or do I need to purchase a subscription?