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Iteraton Function - Test Data Maker

Question asked by ashima.tulsiani on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by ashima.tulsiani

I have a question regarding this Iteration function that is used in the data maker if you can please help us with an answer. There are different ways in which this function was operating in two versions.


Version 4.0 – This was taking an incremental value starting from 1 till the repeat limit used at the time of publishing.

Version 4.2 – This was the same value as the repeat limit value for the number of records that were defined in the repeat limit at the time of publishing.


Now my concern is that which of the above was the correct behavior as we had used this variable heavily in our test data pools and now since it is not working in the same manner, our data pools are getting impacted and we are only able to publish 1 record at a time due to the logic defined.