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How do i sync SNMP profiles from Spectrum directly to the snmpcollector probe in UIM?

Question asked by pascal.burow on Sep 4, 2017
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i'm trying to integrate Spectrum and UIM, so that i only have to discover devices via Spectrum. This works fine for the most part. My Question has to parts:


1. I want to add devices discovered via Spectrum to a group in UIM, so that i can get a rudimentary monitoring configured on those devices (cpu, memory, interfaces). How do i configure the filter for the group so that i only get devices synced from Spectrum? The monitoring profile is no problem. The only way i can see at the moment, is using a robot just for this, so i can use the origin tag as a differentiator.


2. Is there a way to automatically add the SNMP profiles synced from spectrum to the snmpcollector probe? At the moment i use the probe API to querry the discovery server every half hour, which holds the synced SNMP profiles. I set the "Hours between rediscovery" option in the snmpcollector probe to 1, but this does not seem to do the sync between the discovery server and the snmpcollector probe.


Regards Pascal