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sdgtw - line break in field mapping

Question asked by rothmi on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Muhtashim

We use the sdgtw probe to create tickets in CA SDM for major and critical events.

To get more information in the ticket we deliver further information via field mappings.


In the field mappings we fill the service desk field 'description' with several information, such as error message, hostname, severity, probe and so on.


All the information in the ticket will be shown in one line and is quite confusing.


Message: $message Nimsoft Domain: $domain Nimsoft Hub: $hub Nimsoft Robot: $robot Probe: $probe Hostname: $hostname


Is there a possibility to pass a line break after each value for a better view?


Message: $message
Nimsoft Domain: $domain
Nimsoft Hub: $hub
Nimsoft Robot: $robot
Probe: $probe
Hostname: $hostname


Thanks for your assistance,