Tech Tip: CA IDMS Batch job fails with abend code 5004 and message DB347019

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Sep 5, 2017


Running a batch job under CV mode receives the following errors:

DB347019 IDMSDMCL module not found - R15 return code X'14'

This can be followed by a S0C4, S0C1 or other system abend code.



The 5004 abend code indicates it could not load a module. The DB347019 message tells you what module it was, IDMSDMCL. These errors are not the real cause of the problem. The real problem is the S0C4 or other system abend code that occurred. The reason IDMS tried to load IDMSDMCL is because of the S0C4 or S0C1 abend. When a CV batch job encounters an abend that breaks the connection to the CV, it will try to load the DMCL in order to put out an error message. If there is no DMCL name specified in the SYSIDMS file it will try to load the local default DMCL which is IDMSDMCL but it could not be found. You should add a SYSIDMS DD statement to the JCL and specify the global DMCL name or create a default SYSIDMS load module that contains the global DMCL name. This will allow IDMS to put out a proper error message indicating what the problem is.


Additional Information: 

SYSIDMS Parameter Descriptions - CA IDMS - 19.0 - CA Technologies Documentation