Anybody using BCPii and MCL 27?

Discussion created by MarcelvanEk on Sep 6, 2017
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We just upleveled 2 of our z13 cpc's from microcodel level 22 to 27.

Now we see that the OPS/MVS HISRV API returns data in a different order, causing haywire to the messages:



HWSSECUR   SECURITY EVENT CPC IBM390PS.CPC110 ID=943 The current processing capped value for the GP CPs in partition NLH100   changed from 1 to 0 (0=not capped, 1=capped). 


HWSSECUR   SECURITY EVENT CPC IBM390PS.CPC210 ID=943 The current processing capped value for the 0 CPs in partition 1 changed from zIIP to NLGX00   (0=not capped, 1=capped). 

Clearly words 14 and 23, as well as 18 and 21 have been switched.


There's other API msgs that show similar switched words.....


We opened a PMR with IBM, but was wondering if anyone else ran into this?