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Selective Sending Timesheet Notifications?

Question asked by AlistairMiller on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by AlistairMiller

We have a pretty standard timesheet process. A user submits a timesheet, a notification is sent to the PM of each project on the timesheet. Once all PMs respond affirmatively to the action item, the timesheet is approved.  If the PMs don't respond to the action item in a given time window, the PMO approves the timesheet.


The challenge we have is that when a user hits the Populate button, the timesheet is populated with rows that the user may not have worked on during the week.  Most users ignore those rows, enter hours for the projects they have worked on, and Submit their timesheet for Approval.


The issue we're facing is the notification goes to the PM of every project, irrespective of whether it has time submitted against.



- is there a way to only send the notification to PMs whose projects have time submitted against them (users don't delete the unnecessary rows now, despite many reminders to do so)

- is there a way to remove the rows that don't have time submitted (e.g. via GEL script or process)?


Many thanks in advance...