UIM Relationship across layers

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Hi All,


 UIM had many app probes (jvm,tomcat,etc) ,Server Monitoring(cdm,processes,etc) ,Virtualization probe(vmware,hyper-v),storage (hiachai,ibm,etc)and DB probes (mysql,oracle,mssql).Still all the infra layer is available why it doesn't have ofrelationship within this layer ?


It must be capable of finding the root cause of application,server issues within physical and virtual server environments. 


Assume that if a server A is down due to esx hardware issue or some datastore full issue ,still there is no view which gives the server A is connected to which ,esx->datastore->Storage Lun. We can't able to track down issues faster.


Having  Spectrum,UIM,Netqos,ADA there is no relationship viewer between Computing ,Storage and Network layer . Drill down of issue is taking much time .Need a unified console where all can be centralized in a single view.


Kindly share your suggestions too.