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OAuth 2.0 Steps

Question asked by siddharth-b on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by dasjo02

Hi guys I am working on Policy Manager v8.3 & OAuth 2.0 v3.4.0. I have Policy Manager installed with OAuth Toolkit in Policy Manger.


I know how OAuth works, but I am confused on how to implement it in Policy Manager.


I want to secure one of my service(API Proxy) with OAuth 2.0. As of now I do not want to use API Portal.

  1. How can I get client_id,secret?
  2. Any grant type is fine as this is a demo.
  3. Which Assertion should I use in my policy?
  4. How will I get an access_token?
  5. How to validate it in my policy?


I know I am asking too many questions. Please help me out with suggestions & sample policies if available.