Webinar - How to Leverage Software Asset Management to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Sep 7, 2017

Software Asset Management (SAM) plays a critical role in a fast growing, mission-critical use case: Enabling and Strengthening Cybersecurity. In today’s world of mounting external security attacks, we are often too focused on trying to anticipate new threats originating outside our organizations. However, we also, and maybe first, need to look within. One of the first steps in establishing a strong cybersecurity practice involves knowing what you need to protect and where those assets are. Most of the processes and methodologies used in establishing effective SAM should be applied hand-in-hand with your organization’s security protocols to ensure that all parts of your IT enterprise are continually up-to-date and secure from both internal and external threats. This session will address these points and best practices for leveraging SAM to strengthen your cybersecurity.


Presented by Martin Latz, Sr. Manager, Deloitte and Michel Avenel, Sr. Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies


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