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IBM MQ: Trying to record 1 request and 2 responses (v9.5.1)

Question asked by BobBrundrett62351981 on Sep 8, 2017
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Attempting to set up an MQ recording via the Workstation where the source system sends a single request and receives 2 responses to the same queue - an immediate "ACK" (acknowledgement) and, when the order is processed, a "CMP" (completion) response. Will the recorder automatically pick up both responses?  


I set up 2 responses in the recording window, but in initial testing, I was only getting a single response picked up by the recorder.


Of note, there was a substantial time gap (2+ hours) between the ACK and CMP in my testing.  The next recording session will have an operator closing the order immediately after we send the request.


Thanks in advance!