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WEBAPI Filter using Description Contains

Question asked by trevor.lowing on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by trevor.lowing

I'm trying to filter a report in an App and when I try to add a filter on the Description attribute it fails. Any idea what the trick is?  I suspect the Description attribute is a collection and not a simple string attribute.


var artifacts = Ext.create('', {
model: 'UserStory',
fetch: ['ObjectID', 'FormattedID','Name','Iteration','RevisionHistory','Revisions','Description','User'],
autoLoad: true,
limit: 10000,
pageSize: 1000,
filters: [
property: 'Iteration.StartDate',
operator: '>=',
value: iterationStart
property: 'Iteration.EndDate',
operator: '<=',
value: iterationFinish

property: 'Description',
operator: 'contains',