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CA APM MOM High Availability Configuration

Question asked by Balram90 on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by Lynn_Williams

Hi Team,


As far as I know (in theoretical which may be wrong/partially wrong as well), to setup MOM in high availability, we need to setup two MOMs with Smartstor and PostgreSQL database on same SAN storage in which only one can write at a time. There is also need of a load balancer as well that will check the availability of both MOMs on port 5001 along with the preference to which it will redirect. The services of APM will run on both MOM simultaneously. In the configuration of the agent, for newer 10.5 version, we will provide the IP of load balancer and for older version, we will provide IP of collector.


Is it the same way or there are some changes in the functioning of MOM in HA? Apart from this, if I need to configure the MOM in high availability, do I need to do some settings in the properties/xml files at MOM as well? If yes, please provide those configurations along with the MOM (active/passive) on which that needs to be done.


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