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How do I not lose access to Test Cases when closing a Project?

Question asked by DanRG on Sep 12, 2017
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I'm a SQA consultant working with a client's instance of Agile Central. Last year I had created a significant number of test cases for them that were tied to User Stories. They were organized:


TC > US > F > I > T

Test Case > User Story > Feature > Initiative > Project(?)


When we closed the Project (T) we lost complete and total access to the test cases and user stories associated with it.


Is this expected behavior? Should we organize the Test Cases differently? I know there is the Test Plan "functionality", but this is not how the TCs were created for this project. Do They need to be added to a Test Plan to not lose access to them when the project is closed?


I've attached the Portfolio Hierarchy in case that would help as well.